A New Edit

Last week, I discovered the Instagram accounts of the Georgetown Flea Market and the Long Beach Antique Market . It brought me back to the days my husband and I would spend our weekends browsing flea markets and antique stores for treasures to fill our new home together. As newly-weds, we reveled in the joy of defining our life together while drawing on the past of our individual lives that were meaningful to us. We were creating a new edit for our new life.

Red and White Kitchen, 2008 – Result of collecting mid-century treasures for our Victorian Cottage that would bring us joy each morning.

When we moved two years ago from our Midtown Columbus home to our home in the woods of Harris County, most of these treasures ended up in boxes in our attic. They didn’t survive the cut. From an interior design perspective, it was time to fill a new space in ways that respected our new environment. It was a design challenge I welcomed. It wasn’t upsetting; it was a chance to hold on to only the treasures that reminded us of the parts of ourselves we wanted to keep, as we designed our new phase of life.

I am currently working with a young couple on their kitchen and family room renovation. It is a pleasure to participate in this phase of their lives when they are defining who they are now and who they want to be in the near future.

I sense that we are all using this time of reflection and (forced) change to work on a new edit for our lives. May we choose to keep the meaningful parts of our past and discard the pieces that no longer fit us. I look forward to our growth together as people and as a nation of promise.

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