How intimate do you really want to be with Nature?

I was just reading an excellent feature in the ASID magazine called “Living By Design: Nature Connection,” featuring the work of Washington, D.C. landscape architecture firm, Moody Graham. Their work and design philosophy absolutely align with my own, and resonated with me in terms of the importance of relating to nature from every interior space we inhabit.

Through the years, I have swooned over many Architecture and Interior Design magazines inviting the reader to “bring the outside in” with movable glass walls and pictured myself lounging on the beautiful patio spaces literally opening into the master bedroom and/or living room. “Yes! I want to do that (to my own house)!” I exclaim.

Photo credit: NanaWall / Butterfly House by Feldman Architecture

Then I think through the actual experience. I live in Central Georgia, and my clients also reside in the Southeastern U.S. While it is glorious to have “a tree for every window” and to have meandering stone or brick pathways beckon me into the woods and gardens outside, it is a journey often best left to the imagination.

Because that beautiful Southern Flora doesn’t exist without its ever-present Fauna — flying, crawling, hopping, skittering, stinging, itching Fauna. And pollen. Which all support each other in the circle of life; I know. But let’s not kid ourselves that we actually want to invite all of that nature into our homes.

So please, my fellow Southerners, if you decide to invest $1,000 per linear foot into a German-engineered NanaWall system, don’t forget to add an additional track for a screen! There are many ways your architect can design intermediary spaces for you to actually enjoy the sounds and smells of nature without getting too intimate with it, starting with the classic Southern feature, the Screened Porch. It is SO worth it!

Here is our recent solution to opening up our living space to our new pool and the woods beyond, with the help of Adams Aluminum and Hilltop Pools:

Tankersley Pool Deck, Fortson, GA, 2019

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